Business Plan:

If you intend to set up a new business, you have to follow some standard procedures. We will help you to provide A to Z services associated with it. You need not to run from one consultant to another and so on for different jobs as we provide a “TOTAL SOLUTIONS” under one roof. Our services include: –


  • Help you to choose best Business Model- Company/ Partnership Firm/ Proprietorship Firm/ LLP
  • Availing Loan at Lowest possible Interest Rate and liaison with Bank on your behalf
  • Project Report Preparation
  • Accounting Services
  • Taxation Services
  • Ongoing Regulatory Services

If you are looking for a loan then you need to impress the lenders through your financial position which can be depicted in a more effective manner through various documents. Those, documents are as follows:

  • Project Report

A project report gives us an overview of the business. It gives an introduction of project justifying how it can be a profitable venture. How the funds will get utilized and what will be the value addition to money through Business operations.

A project Report mainly contains following details:

like Technical Aspects which tells about the process of manufacturing used, Quality specifications, Production Capacity, Approximate Power Requirement etc., Financial Aspects which tells about the Financial Structure, proportion of fixed capital, Working Capital, Bank Loan demanded etc. sounds something typical but it is made very easy at KIP and chances of getting loan are increased.

So, if bank demands for project Report, then “WELCOME TO KIP”

We have prepared Project Reports for various Industries and you can have a glance on the following list:


  • Project Report- Bricks Udyog
  • Project Report- Bus Loan Finance
  • Project Report- Catering Services
  • Project report- Cloth Shop
  • Project Report- Educational Institute
  • Project Report- Cotton/ Ginning Industry
  • Project Report- Dealership
  • Project Report- Dairy Farming
  • Project Report- Form Industry
  • Project Report- Garment Franchise
  • Project Report- Goat Farming
  • Project Report- Housing Loan
  • Project Report- JCB Finance
  • Project Report- Cement Block
  • Project Report- KVIC – Cement Block
  • Project Report- KVIC – Neal Udyog
  • Project Report- KVIC – Shuttering Work
  • Project Report- KVIC – Wheel Alignment
  • Project Report- KVIC – Tea Grinding & Packaging
  • Project Report- Poultry Farming
  • Project Report- Petrol Pump
  • Project Report- Equipment Purchase
  • Project Report- PVC Pipes
  • Project Report- Rabbit Farming
  • Project Report- Resin Industry
  • Project Report- Warehouse(HAFED)
  • Project Report- Water Plant
  • Project Report- Beverage & Bar Restaurant
  • Project Report- Stone Crushing

Financial Projection:

  1.  CMA Data: 

The full form of CMA is Critical Monetary Analysis. It is required by Banks and other financial institutions, to study the minutes of balance sheet and other financial statements of a body corporate for financing their projects. In other words it is the detailed explanation of the balance sheet and other financial ratios of the Firm or any other Body corporate. As in this part company’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement are analyzed in the form of ratios which gives a quick look of Company’s position and appealing look which will attract lender’s attention. And getting this service at KIP you will get the maximum attention.

  1. Projected Balance Sheet:

Many time you need Projected Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Account for ensure the feasibility viability of your business not for yourself but for your lender or associate concern. We at KIP provide such type of projection as on your demand basis. 

  1. Credit Rating Report: 

A Credit rating report reflects current opinion on the relative likelihood of timely payment of interest and principal on the rated obligation. It is an unbiased, objective, and independent opinion as to the issuer’s capacity to meet its financial obligations. Credit ratings are based on a robust and clearly articulated analytical framework, which ensures comprehensiveness, standardization, comparability, and effective communication of the ratings assigned and of every timely rating action. The assessment is based on the highest standards of independence and analytical rigor. We prepare this report for you to make all the compliances easy for you. 

  1. Bank Proposal Document: 

When any person wants a large amount of loan then as one of the compliance he has to fill a form-S to complete all the formalities; we do this for you also. 

  1. CIBIL Report: 

A CIBIL Report is a factual record of an individual’s (borrower’s) credit payment history compiled from information received from different credit grantors which are the CIBIL members. It contains all the information about a borrower’s transaction in the past. Its sole purpose is to help credit grantors make informed lending decisions. We help you in getting your CIBIL Report (for both Companies and Individuals) to enhance your credit rating also if there any corrections are required over a span of time then we help you in getting the corrected CIBIL Report. 

  1. Subsidized projects of NABARD/ Khadi Board:

There are various schemes that are sponsored by Govt. Body such as NABARD, KVIC, DIC, MOFI or may others. The Main object of such schemes is to generate employment opportunity through business development mainly in rural area. If you are intend to start up any eligible business under these scheme then we, at KIP provide our technical services to you acquiring Subsidy or any other form of financial assistant from concern department. Some eligible businesses are:

  1. Godown Construction
  2. Cold Storage
  3. Dairy Farming
  4. Animal Husbandry
  5. Set up village industry under KVIC or DIC