Subsidy for Electricity Duty Exemption

Electric duty exemption


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Subsidy for Electricity Duty Exemption

The scheme will provide the incentive for the payment of electricity duty charge by the power supply companies for providing the electricity. Under the policy, the eligible unit can claim the electricity duty exemption certificate issued by the department of industry and commerce to get the assistance of electricity duty charges.


The unit can apply for the scheme even after the time period subject to the benefit available only for the remaining time period as applicable to the unit by excluding the delayed period for the business. The benefit can be avail by the new Enterprises which has commence the business on or after 01.01.2021 and also for the existing business who has make the expansion or diversification in their existing business.



All Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Mega, Thrust sector units shall commence into commercial production on or after 01.01.2021 to avail the benefit under the scheme. The Industrial Units shall also comply with following conditions:-

i. The unit shall obtain Udyam Registration Certificate (URC) and Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM).

ii. The electricity duty exemption shall be available on the power load being used for the production purpose not available for the light load.

iii. The unit should have obtained NOC/CLU from competent authority and not fall in the restrictive list as notified under the scheme.



Financial Assistance/Subsidy/Benefits Available:

The Quantum of Assistance as under would be provided in the State as per the given below terms:


A. For MSME units:
100% exemption for 12 years in D category block, 10 years in C category block and 7 years in B category block.


B. For Thrust Sector:
100% exemption for 20 years in D category block, 15 years in C category block and 10 years in B category block.


C. For Service Enterprises:
75% exemption for new enterprise for 5 years in C & D category blocks and 50% in B category block.



Time Limit for Apply:

Within 3 Months from release of electricity connection. However, if the unit not able to avail the benefit within the time period, then it can apply even after the due date by getting the condonation of delay for the remaining period available as per the eligible criteria after excluding the delayed period.


So if you are going to plan for set up a New Business Unit then You should plan according to Electric Duty Exemption.



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