Social Security Card

Stuck at home, or just want to apply from the convenience of home? KIP takes the research and frustration out of preparing and submitting your social security card application. We provide everything you need to complete and submit your application correctly the first time, securely, and with minimal effort, all without leaving home, and with as little as an internet browser on your phone. Apply 100% from home, securely, without mistakes, and with as little time and effort spent as possible.




India is a hub of hundreds of rules and regulations. These are very complex and stringent. Their compliance failures represents not only a big financial risk – financial penalties and increase in tax charge, but also a serious business risk, as it can damage and tarnish the reputation with the authorities and the public. Not only this, it also increases the risk of other punishments, i.e. imprisonments, etc.

KIP helps clients in managing their compliances & planning. We have strong team of compliance experts that provide a high level of quality, consistency, coordination and cooperation. We at KIP strongly believe that “Knowledge is Power”. And therefore we want to serve you with our Experience and skills.

We help the clients in not only timely compliances but also help in maintaining all the statutory records and documents. We at KIP have very stringent procedures and effective tools to monitor the compliances and cure the deficiencies and lapses. We also assist the clients in introducing controls and processes with regard to compliances and documentation. We at KIP have effective mechanism by which we resolve and address the queries and concerns of the clients through online facilities. We at KIP also conduct monthly compliance audit/review of the clients and report the non-compliances and as to whether records and documents as required under the law have been maintained.

  • Review of various returns and Forms filed with various regulatory agencies
  • Review of Documentations
  • Assisting in meeting filing deadline to avoid penalties on late submissions
  • Advice on improvement in Compliance processes
  • Assisting in preparation of various returns and forms
  • Ensuring proper, timely and correct & proper statutory deductions and their deposits with relevant regulatory agencies on due date.


  1. Business Registration Services:

Whether you have run your business in Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, LLP or Company Form, you have to comply with various business registrations under applied law on your business. Without these registrations, you cannot precede your business operation. We, at KIP provide registration services such as:

  1. Shop Act Registration:

If you running your business in sole proprietorship and you want to give it a legal identity then you should go for Shop Act Registration. We at KIP provide it for you On Line within 3 business Days.

  1. Service Tax Registration:

If you are provider of a business services then you should registered your business under service tax.  We at KIP provide it for you On Line within 3 business Days.

  1. Sales Tax Registration:

IF you are in Manufacturing or trading business then you have registered your business under VAT Act. Just sends us the required documents or information and we shall provide our services along with liaison in concern Govt. Department on behalf of you.

  1. Firm Registration:

If you are running your business in partnership firm then to avoid any future litigation you should get it registered through your concern District Registrar of Firm. We at KIP provide our professional services for registering your Partnership Firm. Company is also providing any amendment or Dissolution service for your partnership firm.

  1. Society Registration:

If you want to contribute the society by making any Society for any social welfare object then we at KIP support to you in fulfillment of your object by forming a Society under the Society Registration act.

  1. SSI Registration:

We at KIP also provide Small Scale Industry Registration for your business if business is covered under this category. SSI Registration helps to you gaining many business related benefit under various Govt. Scheme for business or Entrepreneurial development program.

  1. Trade Mark Registration:

If you want to brand your business by adopting a logo or trade mark then we, at KIP helps to you in Availability of Trade mark and their registration in the Registrar of Trade Mark.

  1. EPF Registration:

If your business is covered under Labour law then you have to take Code number under EPF Act.  We at KIP assist to your getting EPF Code number and ensure the required compliance such as filling Monthly ECR, EPF Refund etc on behalf of your business.

  1. ESI Registration:

If you are managing 10 or more person in your eligible business under ESI then you have to get registered you business under ESI Act. We at KIP assist to your getting ESI Code number and ensure the required compliance such as filling Monthly Challan, IP Registration etc on behalf of your business.

  1. Import Export Code, Copy Right, ISO Certification & ISI Registration:

If your want occupy yourself with more intangible assets such as Import Export Code, Copy Right, ISO Certification & ISI Registration etc for more business development domestically as well as internationally then we, at KIP assist to you in getting such type of certification and registration services.