(1) Company Formation

If you are an Individual or a Firm & think about to grow & expand your Business then meets with us. Every business that have not been incorporated then it must be incorporated at some later date due to meet out the legal compliances. We at KIP provide the corporate services that give a corporate platform to your business and their development.

Why you must have the Corporate Platform for you Business:

  • To Create Brand and Corporate Image of your Business
  • To procure or Access the financial facilities from Financial Institution at Lower Rate of Interest
  • To Access large market domestically and internationally
  • To meet out the various legal Compliances
  • To mitigate your personal Investment Risk
  • It give to you a separate legal entity
  • Give a base of Perpetual Succession of your business
  • Create a differentiation between Ownership and Management

Just take the decision to Form a Company and send us the following required document:

  • Proposed Name of Your Company
  • PAN Card of the Promoter
  • ID and Residence Proof of Promoter

Our uniqueness for Providing Company Formation Services:

  • Form the Company in just 20 Days
  • A Company can be subject to more than 25 Economic Laws and you need professional guidance at each stage
  • Complementary Virtual office services for Three Months
  • Integrated solutions
  • Experience of more than 15 year plus
  • Experienced Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Lawyers,  MBA’s and HR Professionals
  • Assistance and management at every step, by helping our clients to understand how business is done here, by offering a complete ‘virtual’ accounts department.
  • Services in Corporate Law Compliances, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Service Tax, Accounts
  • Assist in Selection and Development of Team or Man Power
  • Market Research providing detailed list of your proposed buyer or Seller in India
  • Legal Drafting and Negotiation

(2) Change Services:

          We, at KIP provide our professional support in pursuing your regular business need. In the routine, you have to take Change decision with respect to your existing business such as:

  1. Change in Company Name:


If you want to change your company that we support to you in filing the Change application form to RoC and meet out the required compliance from you end.

  1. Change in Object Clause of MOA:

In case company wants to change its object clause to grape another area business opportunity then it can do so by filling passing necessary resolution and filling the Roc Form.

  1. Change in Registered Office:

In case company wants to change its registered office within local limits of the same city or place, town or village & state to another state.

  1. Change in Director or Managers:


A company can intimate changes among managing director, directors, manager and secretary of a company by filing Form with ROC (whether new appointment, cessation, change in designation or any other changes)

  1. Change in Authorized Capital & Return of Allotment:


A company can increase its authorized capital. Similarly, subscribed capital and paid up capital of the company gets increased.

  1. Convert Private Co. into Public Co.:

A private company can convert itself in to a public company (Alteration of MOA and AOA) by filing several forms to ROC.

  1. Convert Public Co. into Private Co.:

A public company can convert itself in to a private company by filing Form to ROC (Alteration of MOA and AOA) & get approval from Central Government.

  1. Creation/Modification of Charge:

In case you want to register a charge or make modification in registered charges, you need to file Form for registration or for modification of a registered charge.

Compliance Related Services

  1. On Line submission of ROC Annual Filing:


Companies incorporated under the Companies Act, are required to file the following Forms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) every year:

  • Roc Annual Forms
  • Audited Balance Sheet
  • Audited Profit & Loss Account
  • Annual Return
  • Director Report
  • Compliance Certificate(if required)
    1. Filling Statutory Report for your company
    2. Information by Auditor to Registrar.
    3. Return of allotment of Shares
    4. Form for submission of documents with Registrar of Companies
    5. Registration of resolution(s) and agreement(s)
    6. Submission Charge Form on behalf of Company

(4) Allied Company Services

We, at KIP provide so many allied corporate services that assist to you meet out in regular compliance as per company act such as:

  1. Acquire DIN for Director or any Change in DIN
  2. Taking Digital Signature for filling RoC Forms
  3. Minutes books writing: Every Company has required maintaining a Minute Book of each & every meeting of the Company under Companies Act. It contains the summary of the meeting.
  4. Statutory Books & Registers:Companies incorporated under the Companies Act , are required to maintained the following Registers:

  • Registers of Director Shareholding
  • Registers & Index of Members
  • Registers of Investment
  • Registers of Charge
  • Books of Accounts
  • Register & Index of Beneficial Owners
  • Register & Index of Debenture Holders
  • Register of Directors/Managing Directors/Managers/Whole-time Directors/Secretary
  • Register of Contracts with Companies/Firms in which directors are interested

  1. Regular Update of Companies rules, regulation, notices, notifications & circulars.
  2. Company Consultancy Services for taking various financial and non-financial decisions.
  3. E-payment through credit card for your company.

(5) Limited Liability Partnership


If you want to do something different & think about to make a partnership firm, then registered itself in a New Concept of Ministry of Corporate Affairs i.e. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Any existing partnership firm that is willing to get converted into LLP will need to apply through Form or Any private company/ unlisted public company that is willing to get converted into LLP need to apply through Form under Limited Liability Partnership Act. We at KIP provide the LLP services as per our client customize need.

Our Uniqueness in LLP Services:

  1. Apply for Designated Partner Identification Number(DPIN)
  2. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  3. Pre Registration Process
  4. Name Availability (searching and approval)
  5. Drafting of Incorporation Documents
  6. Drafting of Agreements
  7. Notarization, apostil ling and legalization of corporate documents
  8. Liaison with Registrar of Company
  9. Filling and Registration
  10. Change Services
  11. On line filing of Annual Return
  12. Close a LLP
  13. Regular Update of LLP rules, regulation, notices, notifications & circulars
  14. LLP Consultancy Services
  15. E-payment through credit card