Know about subsidy applicable on your Business and Get Maximum benefits from Rs. 1.00 Lacs to 5.00 Crores

Hello Businessman/Investor,

Are you going to start new business or Running any Business then you should be aware of Subsidy and Incentives benefits applicable on your business.

There are so many business specific subsidy and incentives are provided by State and Centre Govt in order to promote the Economic Growth and employment generation. Out of these benefits, most of are related with your business location. So be careful in choose location before going to start business.

Since subsidy and financial incentives has played a crucial role in taking investment decision. So it will be better to have a prior workout on this part before taking the final investment decision.

Further there are so many subsidies which are connected with Bank Finance. So if you are going to take any bank finance then it will be better to have know about the eligible benefits such as Interest Subsidy, Credit linked Capital Subsidy, Subsidy for Technology upgradation, Stamp Duty Refund, GST Refund etc.

Many times Govt has issued sector specific benefits such as on:

  1. Food Processing Unit
  2. Warehouse
  3. Agriculture Infrastructure Activities
  4. Textile Industry
  5. Export base incentives
  6. Special Economic Zone
  7. Logistic and Food Park.
  8. MSME Unit etc.

So it is very important to know about the subsidy benefits applicable on your business. We at KIP, will assist to you in workout on eligible subsidy benefits for your business. Our Technical Expert will prepare an Assessment Report along with Monetary Benefit that you can get on your specified business. Such Assessment report will help you in :

  1. Selection of Most viable business
  2. Choose Business Site location or buying in Land
  3. Size of Investment in Land and Building
  4. Investment in Plant and Machinery
  5. Technology Selection
  6. Banking Decision etc.

Right now we are providing assessment of eligible subsidy as per below mentioned ways:

  • MSME Unit specific Benefit and Incentives in Haryana
  • Project Specific Assessment of Subsidy and incentives – Haryana State Specific.
  • Project Base Assessment of Subsidy and Incentives – Haryana and Govt of India Specific.

So if you are running any business or plan to start a new project then share with us your business plan. We will assists to you in to make better Investment Decision.



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