SILO Project Subsidy Scheme

SILO project subsidy scheme


SILO Project Subsidy Scheme issued by the Haryana Government under Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy.


Silo is a structure for storing bulk material such as food grain items. This will help the government deal with the storage problem of food grains as silos require 30% less land as compared to conventional warehouses, and can run round the clock, making them more efficient. For development of Silos, State Government is providing various subsidy benefits to entities engaged in establishment of silo projects.


Under the Scheme HEEP, assistance will be provided to all Micro, Small, Medium and start up business entities, whereas under Haryana Logistics, Warehousing & Retail Policy, 2019, assistance will be provided to all entities engaged in establishment of silos in different blocks as specified by the government.


Note: Subscribers are advised to consider state specific Warehousing and Logistic Policy in order to know eligible subsidy and incentive benefits on Silo Project.

We are sharing herewith Haryana State Specific Subsidy Benefits on Silo Project.


Financial Assistance/Subsidy/Benefits Available:


(I) Haryana Enterprises and Employment Policy, 2020 (HEEP):
The policy provide financial support to the entities in form of various subsidy schemes such as:

  1. Electricity Duty Exemption: Max. 100% exemption on electricity duty for 12 years.
  2. External Development Charges Exemption: Max. 100% exemption on charges paid for external development which includes Change of land use (CLU) charges, labor cess for the construction of building etc.
  3. Stamp Duty Refund: 100% exemption on stamp duty paid on purchase of land for silo project.


(II) Haryana Logistics, Warehousing & Retail Policy, 2019:
The policy provide financial assistance to entities in form of schemes such as:

  1. Capital Subsidy: Subsidy of 25% on fixed capital investment up to maximum of Rs. 5 Crore.
  2. Interest Subsidy: 5% of interest subsidy on term loan up to maximum Rs 20 Lakh per year for 3 years.
  3. Electricity Duty Exemption: 100% exemption on electricity duty for 7 years.



Note: There are several other scheme under HEEP and Haryana Logistics, Warehousing & Retail Policy, 2019 issued by state government, the quantum of benefits available under these schemes depend upon the block under which the entity falls.


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